Why study in China?



China is one of the most popular countries for international students and in the last 10 years the number of students travelling there has doubled. It has the third largest number of international students, behind the US and the UK and there is an average growth year on year of 10 percent.



Over these 10 years, many international students have been going further inside China and choosing to travel to a wider range of cities than ever before. In the past, it was mainly Shanghai and Beijing that were common for international students, today there over 2,000 universities, situated in 13 cities across China with more than 10,000 international students and in some cities, there are more than 20,000 international students alone. Other popular cities include Guangdong and Liaoning.



Any student knows that it is important to graduate from a prestigious and highly ranked university to help secure future prospects. Chinese universities are increasingly well respected, and many have now entered the global university rankings significantly over the past five years, particularly compared with the UK which has fallen in many rankings. Over the last 5 years there have been an increasing number of Chinese universities listed in the Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings, more so than Canada or Australia.



For many industries around the world, knowledge and experience of China has never been such a valuable asset as it is today and never more so important than in Africa.

China is not only a popular destination to visit but year after year the numbers are growing for business trips to China. Last year, 2018, there were recorded nearly 15 million business trips to China. The country is growing in economic and cultural significance.

Chinese is the third most popular language to learn in the world and would give a huge boost in one’s career, especially in business and more importantly to enable private African businesses to deal directly with Chinese companies who wish to come to invest and manufacture in Africa

Previous students have commented that to study in China is set yourself apart from the rest and that those who are successful with their studies in China, emerge well equipped and well prepared to do business in today’s fast-paced and global economy.

Studying in China encourages you to be an open-minded individual, ready to adapt and be flexible, a skill-set, which many employers today are looking for. Studying in China gives you experience about how things work in that part of the world and you quickly become independent.


Some of the most popular courses to study in China are:

– Chinese Language Programs
– Bachelor’s Programs
– MBBS (Medicine) and BDS
– Master’s Programs
– LLM (Master’s in Law)
– PhD Programs