Panoba has a strong working relationship with a number of Universities and Foundation Colleges and we work with one of the top UK University guidance companies, who can give a global perspective for the UK, US, Canadian, European and Chinese Universities among others. We can assist and guide in the process of university applications and ensure that no options have been left unturned so that you can start your adult higher education studies in the knowledge that you have chosen the right path and you are on your way to a successful career.

Career and Life after school can be a daunting time and with so many choices available, the need for guidance has never been so essential. So allow us to offer a helping hand in what often proves to be a complicated and stressful process. There is no time like the present. The more time we have to work with you, the greater the range of possibilities for your child and his or her prospects.

Let Panoba help lead your young adults as they step out to the more independent and grown up world of Universities. For some it will be their first time away from home and with all the new responsibility and need to plan and fend for themselves, this is an important and challenging time, Career paths and university/foundation choices is a new chapter and Panoba can still be on hand to help.